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The Cockroaches Of Vietnam

I’ve been to Vietnam only once in my life and I’ll have you know that it was an unforgettable experience. We were there on a school trip to aid a children’s foundation, so it was all for a good cause. … Continue reading

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The Condom Box Incident

I remember this with startling clarity, on account of how absolutely mortified I was. We were just about to break for Christmas vacation and it was the last day. To get into the festive spirit, our homeroom teacher had suggested … Continue reading

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Molested By Monkeys

Um, so can I just say that I’ve always been a bit scared of things that move? Okay, scratch that, I meant, I’ve always been apprehensive of anything that moves. For me, “anything that moves” includes humans, lizards, cockroaches, and … Continue reading

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Most Unorthodox Celebrity Couples

Matthew Bellamy and Kate Hudson: For me, this is unholy. This is impossible. Kate Hudson is like, the complete epitome of Hollywood; a golden poster child for Hollywood with famous parents, American, and more importantly, blonde, whereas Bellamy, who’s famously … Continue reading

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I Was A Supermodel For Five Minutes

This particular incident happened about a month ago. I was out in Orchard, meeting my friend, H, for lunch and a bit of retail therapy. I was crossing the road in front of 313, when I got stopped by two … Continue reading

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Crocs Are Devil Shoes

I think I want to talk about fashion. I like to think that I’m a very fashionable person (haha, modesty, OUT the window you go! :P), but even I have limits as to what I wear and what I don’t … Continue reading

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Flamingos Have It So Hard

Oftentimes, I am asked, usually in forms and such, to state my height. I loathe doing this because I, unfortunately, am not very tall. I don’t know what happened, but the growth genes just skipped me or something. Not that … Continue reading

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