I’m Not In Labor!

I love the public transportation system of Singapore. I think that, besides being extremely convenient, it is a sophisticated and a very civilized affair.

However, once I was sitting on the bus going home, listening to music, texting, and generally feeling very good about myself because I’d managed to snag my favorite seat (halfway down the bus, window seat, with no advertisements obscuring my view).

At the next stop, someone comes and sits down next to me. I’m sorry I can’t give a clearer description of what the person looked like, and specify their gender, because you and I both know that it’s rude to stare at people. I mean, I couldn’t very well turn in my seat and look at them, could I? Can you imagine?

So anyway, on this particular occasion, someone plonks down next to me. I think nothing of it, until I get hit by the stench. I sniff cautiously, and then reel, clutching at the seat in front of me. In an attempt to get some oxygen in order to respirate, I start breathing through my mouth. My eyelids flutter and all thoughts are banished from my head. I can’t think, there are tears running down my face and I am on the verge of passing out. To the rest of the people on the bus, I bet I probably looked like I was in labor.

To those of you reading that were on the bus with me, I’M SORRY. I wasn’t in labor.

I had to endure the stench an entire six stops. When they finally got down, I waved my hands around the vicinity of their seat and frantically tried to waft the lingering smell away. After a harrowing five minutes, I could breath through my nose again. Ahh.

But yeah. I guess the moral of this post is just that I should be grateful that the public transportation of Singapore is so neat. Can you imagine, I’d probably never take public transport again, and that would totally suck, because I really like taking the bus. 🙂 Phew. For people with bad B.O, I should probably just take mini sticks of deo everywhere around with and pass them out to everyone who pongs.

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2 Responses to I’m Not In Labor!

  1. aisha says:

    hahah i was JUST about to blog about the public transport in Singapore and the rudeness of the people that use them!

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