Most Unorthodox Celebrity Couples

  • Matthew Bellamy and Kate Hudson: For me, this is unholy. This is impossible. Kate Hudson is like, the complete epitome of Hollywood; a golden poster child for Hollywood with famous parents, American, and more importantly, blonde, whereas Bellamy, who’s famously known to be the frontman of alternative rock band, Muse, is a hardcore rocker, almost always seen in black, and not even from the same country! I don’t understand what the two of them have in common, and I want to know what they talk about.
  • Jesus Luz and Madonna: When I first heard about this, I, like everyone else, sighed at the idea of Madonna with someone who was young enough to be her son. What made me LOL further was the fact that he was called Jesus. Granted, it’s pronounced “Hay-zoo”, but it still made me laugh. I mean, what are the chances? Heehee. And then I found out that his mother was fifteen years younger than Madonna. How awesomely weird is that?
  • Tom Cruise and Cher: Did y’all even know that the two of them had been together? I didn’t either, but a little research yielded such shocking results that I couldn’t help but have my jaw drop onto the floor. This was back in the 80s, when Tom Cruise was an up-and-coming actor of only 23 years of age, and Cher was at the height of her career. So unorthodox, no? I definitely thought so.
  • Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson: I think these two are mainly on the list, because I can honestly say that I did not expect Lindsay to date a girl. It was not something I’d have ever expected from her, because wasn’t this around the time she started going “crazy”? Before that, she’d been the bright-eyed, shiny-haired pretty child actress who’d done a great job in Mean Girls. But here, she was frequently indulging in crack and partying (which wasn’t doing her appearance any favours) and she constantly looked like she needed a nice hot shower. And we all knew theirs wasn’t a relationship that would turn into anything serious.
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