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How To Seduce Someone

Before anyone gets the wrong impression, I’m not saying I’ve tried seducing anyone.  I was thinking recently and decided that seduction would be an important skill to acquire! I mean, can you imagine, ten years into the future, you are … Continue reading

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Robots Used For Sexual Purposes

This is going to be another one of those “Tanya, speak before you think, you foolish little girl” blog entries. But you can’t blame me for that right? It just happens to be what I do best. Although I can’t … Continue reading

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I Ruined The Twilight Kiss

I honestly have the worst luck with timing.  Words leave my mouth at the most inappropriate moments. It is extremely mortifying, because people almost always get the wrong idea about the person that I am. Remember my blog post, The … Continue reading

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I Got My First Pair Of High Heels When I Was Five.

You know when women say, “Oh wearing high heels is a breeze! It doesn’t hurt at all!” They’re LYING. High heels are painful. The higher the heel, the more painful. I promise you, they hurt. Don’t believe those women, FASHION … Continue reading

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Monkeys Excrete A Lot

This is going to be another blog post on monkeys. I know most of my blog posts revolve around my hatred for certain animals, but please bear with me. This particular time was so devastatingly shocking that I literally could … Continue reading

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