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Top Ten Ways I’m A Badass

The Urban Dictionary definition of the term “badass” is as follows: “someone who is so cool that their very presence is radiating with awesomeness” That can be me, right? I’ve been trying to convince people that I am a total … Continue reading

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How To Flirt Effectively

This is for all of you that haven’t quite mastered the art of flirting. Please don’t take this to mean that I’m an expert; I simply wanted to provide an outlet for all you young ones who don’t quite to … Continue reading

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Hi, I’m Tanya, And I’m A Coulrophobic.

I have a lot of irrational fears. I’m scared of a number of things, in general, and it isn’t entirely my fault. I think I have a mild case of coulrophobia. I say “mild” because, while I am not terrified … Continue reading

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