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Watch It, Gollum

After my first two weeks at university passed by uneventfully, I decided to expand my horizons and in that spirit, joined two extracurricular clubs.  A lot of people would agree that I’m not very inclined towards sports. My only form … Continue reading

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The Stare-Man

Well, the trip to India could be best described as anticlimatic. For me, anyway. While I was expecting at least one attempt at kidnapping and numerous ransom demands, none of that even happened. What did happen was reconnecting with long … Continue reading

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Top Ten Ways I’m A Badass

The Urban Dictionary definition of the term “badass” is as follows: “someone who is so cool that their very presence is radiating with awesomeness” That can be me, right? I’ve been trying to convince people that I am a total … Continue reading

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How To Flirt Effectively

This is for all of you that haven’t quite mastered the art of flirting. Please don’t take this to mean that I’m an expert; I simply wanted to provide an outlet for all you young ones who don’t quite to … Continue reading

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How To Seduce Someone

Before anyone gets the wrong impression, I’m not saying I’ve tried seducing anyone.  I was thinking recently and decided that seduction would be an important skill to acquire! I mean, can you imagine, ten years into the future, you are … Continue reading

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Robots Used For Sexual Purposes

This is going to be another one of those “Tanya, speak before you think, you foolish little girl” blog entries. But you can’t blame me for that right? It just happens to be what I do best. Although I can’t … Continue reading

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I Ruined The Twilight Kiss

I honestly have the worst luck with timing.  Words leave my mouth at the most inappropriate moments. It is extremely mortifying, because people almost always get the wrong idea about the person that I am. Remember my blog post, The … Continue reading

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